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Please email your application to [email protected]

Conditions of Hire:

Please read carefully as failure to comply with these directions will result in a reduction or forfeit of bond.

  1. Bond and hire charges must be paid in full prior to the hire of the venue.
  2. The hirer shall be responsible for the safety and duty of care of all persons attending and any cost for damage to the premises will be the sole responsibility of the hirer.
  3. Hirer is not to attach fixtures to any part if the building.
  4. All functions are to cease by 1.00am unless prior permission is obtained or 12.00 midnight on Easter Saturday, Christmas Eve and the Thursday prior to Good Friday.
  5. The hirer shall comply with the Environmental Protection Act, which authorises the Police to direct noise considered by them to be unreasonable to cease forthwith.
  6. The premises must be cleaned by 6.00am on the following day. The venue must be left in the condition that it was found. The premises will be inspected after the event and if no damage or extra cleaning is required the bond will be returned.
  7. All keys and security cards are to be returned prior to the release of bond.
  8. All lights and electrical appliances such as the stove and heaters are to be turned off when leaving the venue.
  9. Hirer to provide their own first aid kit.
  10. It is the responsibility of the hirer to inform all occupants of the evacuation procedures and assembly area.
  11. Incorporated bodies, sporting groups, and associations of any kind are to have the necessary public liability insurance to indemnify Plantagenet Players against any claim from the setup and function, through to the cleanup afterwards.

Our Sponsors

Kitchen / Bar

The Kitchen is ideal for catering of your event, equipped with commercial oven, bain-marie, fridges and prep stations. The Bar includes large display fridges, sinks and glass washing machine with exterior serving windows.

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Audio / Lighting

Light and Audio Systems are modern and flexible to meet your needs, they can provide special effects for your presentation or productions, provide mood lighting or enhance your audiences experience, whatever you require from background soundtrack to voice amplification.

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The Memorial Road Foyer is large meeting or display space for you, it is a carpeted space with stone walls in a cream colour, this foyer is also access and waiting area for the toilet facilities.

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Retractable Seating

The retractable seating provides the flexibility of style in your event’s needs, you can have a theatre style setup or you can retract the seating for a more conference style table and chair setup.

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